Scrub DNC Software for Windows and iPhone is designed to remove or flag numbers found in your Do Not Call lists (National, State, and In-House DNC lists) while organizing and keeping track of your phone lists.

Unlike other list scrubbing software, Scrub DNC does not require knowledge of list formatting and database software. Scrub DNC is available in four versions: Scrub DNC Mobile, Scrub DNC Pro, Scrub DNC Standard, and One DNC.

  • *Our Software does not come with any lists.
  • *Software works with U.S. and Canadian phone numbers.
  • *Windows Version is a single PC license, no monthly fee.
  • *You must register with the National DNC in order to use National DNC lists.

Getting Started

Register with the National Do Not Call
Format your calling list
Choose a version of our scrub software