Scrub DNC Software for Windows and iPhone is designed to remove or flag numbers found in your Do Not Call lists (National, State, and In-House DNC lists) while organizing and keeping track of your phone lists. Our software works with U.S. and Canadian phone numbers.

We do not provide Do Not Call lists. Click here for more information.

Scrub DNC Pro

Scrub DNC Pro


Scrub DNC Pro is the ultimate in scrubbing solutions. It allows you to import all of your DNC lists and scrub all your call lists against them simultaneously while providing advanced output options to give you complete control over your Do Not Call lists!

Scrub DNC Standard

Scrub DNC Standard


Scrub DNC Standard is designed with the small to medium business in mind. Scrub DNC Standard will save you time and money by allowing you to scrub your call list against all your DNC lists.




One DNC is a strong and efficient solution which enables you to effectively scrub your list and provides proof of DNC compliance.

Scrub Mobile DNC

Scrub Mobile


Scrub Mobile is your Scrubbing Solution on the go. Now you can call your list and scrub them where ever you are!

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